About Kate

Life ha12509639_10153893358827363_5382048603087518733_n-2s become a strange place the last few years and even more so as each day passes. This blog has been open a long time but it’s now that I feel I have something to write. I want to document my life back to myself, the way a writer does; analysing and observing every damn thing!

Right now, 11th September 2016, I am sitting in a half packed up family home. I’m separated from my husband, my partner of 22 years, and I’m facing a future of ‘I have no idea what’.

Painfully aware that so many women have walked this path before me and continue to do so, and it is this that keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. Well, that and my optimistic drive in everything I do.

My children and I face a house move and a new start in the very near future so this place to document that journey and honour it too, in all its guises, and wiles, and beauties, is invaluable. In its pains and hopefully before long its new exciting opportunities.

I’m an author of short stories, articles and most recently my first novel Dark Sleepers and I’m committed to the development of me. Whoever she may be.


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